The Hornsby Akroyd Oil Engine

The 5hp 230 rpm engine was built by Richard Hornsby & Son, Grantham Lincolnshire England in 1876.

The engine known as Patent Safety Oil Engine No 1951 was only one of many engines, varying in hp from ½ to 50, produced by Hornsby. It incorporated the anti pre- ignition and solid fuel injection features developed by Akroyd Stuart an English engineer who spent the last years of his life as a resident of Claremont Western Australia. These engines were used extensively for power generation in Australia and because of their dependability were installed in lighthouses and lightships worldwide.

This engine, which is in perfect working order, is one of the corner stones of the Club. It runs without missing a beat at many WA shows during our show season.

Members of the Club restored the engine to its present condition after being donated by Mr. Edward Best of Koorda WA in 1991.

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